New Motor Installation

New Motor Installation:

Has the motor of your garage door stopped working? Or is it working but making strange noises? Is the motor not letting the garage door to open or close properly? Whatever is the problem with your garage door motor, just call our experts and let them know about the issue. They will come to you either in the shortest possible time if it is an emergency or at the time suitable for you to fix the motor related issue. From a simple garage door motor repair to a completely New Motor Installation, our technicians can handle everything.

We are a top choice of both home owners and business owners when they are in need of Garage Door Repair or a motor repair. We carry different types of motors, tools, equipments and parts that are needed to work on any motor related issue. We are definitely the garage door company that is capable of handling just about any motor related problems. We also offer the most comprehensive range o maintenance service in the whole Culver City to keep your garage door motor in excellent condition. We also recommend you to not install the motor or repair the motor by yourself as it can result in severe injuries or more damages. You should give a call to our technicians always when you are facing any issue with your garage door or its motor. We will happily come to you in the fastest possible time to resolve that problem.